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Hikutaia School Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees;  Principal - Karen Reynolds 
 Chairperson - Jake Perry Secretary - Crystal Van HellemondGlenn Ramsey  
 Property - Bevan Robinson Property - Richard Cox Staff Representative - Tricia Cameron 
Each  of our board members have a strong interest in ensuring our school provides a high standard of education and learning experiences for our children.  We hold regular meetings and attend training and cover the following tasks;
• Work with the principal and consult with staff, students and the community.
• Set the educational goals and strategic direction of the school.
• Monitor progress and let parents know how the school is progressing against its annual targets        and how well students are achieving.
• Decide how the school’s funding will be spent.
• Select the school’s principal and support the development of all staff.
• Oversee the management of staff, property, finances, curriculum and administration. 
We are excited about the vision and direction of the school and look forward to the continued excellent results we are seeing within our school.