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 Key Competencies at Hikutaia School

Students are supported to develop the key competencies on pages 12 -13 of the NZC.  Key Competencies are the key to learning in every learning area.




Take an active part in local, national and global communities.

Engagement in Learning.

Balance rights, roles and responsibilities

Confidently participate and contribute to the well-being of society.

We do this at Hikutaia School when…

  • We live by the ‘HIKUTAIA WAY’
  • Discuss, model and give understanding to what it means to have ‘Rights and Responsibilities’
  • We foster effective connections with others through co-operative activities, group work, sports teams, whanau activities, community events, national events, being aware of global events.
  • We involve our community in School activities, communicating and collaborating with our learning community.



Understanding, interpreting and using symbols, text.

Using appropriate technologies to communicate.

We do this at Hikutaia School when…

  • We present in a variety of textual forms in all areas of learning, including the following: oral, written, visual language experiences (integrated across curriculum)
  • We are able to receive, interpret, make meaning and respond to languages, symbols and texts
  • We confidently use ICT to express ideas, knowledge and understanding.
  • We learn the language of the particular learning area or context to further our understanding.


Acting appropriately

Self-motivate and a ‘Can Do’ attitude

Self-awareness and the ability to reflect, plan, prioritize and set goals

Making well informed choices

Take responsibility for our learning and behaviour – ‘The Hikutaia Way’

We do this at Hikutaia School when…

  • We follow the school guidelines ‘The Hikutaia Way’
  • Set individual goals with our teachers
  • Talk about what and how we are learning
  • Reflect on our learning and set next steps
  • Encourage and acknowledge success in ourselves and others.
  • Use time effectively and stay on task.
  • We are effective team members
  • We apply our knowledge and skills to the given situation.
  • We make positive choices


Interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in differing situations.

Listen actively and recognize different points of view;

Linking and adapting ideas to/with our own.

Negotiate and sharing ideas.

Know when to compete and when to cooperate.


We do this at Hikutaia School when…

  • We take turns in group situations
  • We treat others with respect and consideration
  • We take responsibility for ourselves, group and as a member of the school community.
  • We can discuss our point of view in a respectful manner.
  • We are learning to communicate using a variety of skills and mediums.


Cognitive and Metacognitive skills, processes and strategies.

Critical, creative and logical processes.

Researching, organising and evaluating.

Self-awareness, reflection and decision making.


We do this at Hikutaia School when…

  • We think about, analysis and reflect about on our work for future direction - next steps/what next?
  • We are working to become competent and discerning thinkers and ‘problem solvers’.
  • We take risks to further our learning.
  • We think about thinking and how we learn.
  • We can use a variety of thinking tools


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